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The Best Holiday Ever - Albany, Western Australia, July 2012

There is agreement in our family that our holiday to Albany in July 2012 was the best holiday we've ever had so far.  We stayed on my uncles farm-stay  half way between Albany and Denmark, in a cottage surrounded by tree's. We almost thought we'd lost the photo's of it a couple of nights back. We were organising all the photo's we have on various hard-drives into one location and couldn't find them.  We spent several hours combing through files and could see that if we didn't have our precious holiday photo's we could at least remember, amongst other precious family photo's: a vita-brits packet, shots of carpet, dozens of pictures of the same hard-to-see-it bug or bird, out of focus close up shots of  goodness knows what etc. etc. (I must spend some time deleting all these pictures that were kindly taken by unknown photographers)  
It seemed our Albany holiday pics were lost.  I left Dh to it after a while.  I didn't seem to be able to help any more.  I couldn't think of any other place where the pics might be and so I went off to do some cleaning.  But then finally, the pictures had been found!  What a relief!  And so I am able to share them here :)

We arrived at the farm-stay in the late afternoon as there was someone else there that morning and it wasn't available until then.  We had a walk about and checked out the surroundings.  I think the children pretty much found themselves a stick each straight up, as you can see in the photo's.  

I have many memories of this block of land from my childhood.  My uncle must have bought it back in the mid 80's which is when my family were still living in Albany.  I remember one time back when he first got the property watching my uncle clear some of the land, and several large bonfires were lit to get rid of all the wood.  My sisters and I had a grand time running around between the fires and throwing wood on.  For morning or afternoon tea my grandma would pull out a flask of milo and a tin of biscuits or cake and we'd sit round with a warm mug in our hands, eating, while we watched the fires.  On another occasion  I was walking through tall grass and nearly trod on a tiger snake.  I must have jumped more than a meter to get away from it in one go in my fright.  And then there was the time I saw my little brother put his hand on the electric fence briefly, and so I thought it must be off and touched it myself.  I didn't realise that the electricity goes down the wire in pulses.  My brother must have missed the pulse, I didn't.

We spent that first afternoon settling in.  We put on the wood fire which we were pleased kept us cosy as we were worried we might find it too cold.  The children slept on the second level, and were having a great time with the novelty of stairs.  

The road that you come in by.

After a few days we concluded that we like living simply.  We don't need a fancy house.  But we do like natural surrounds.  

Ds6 had just gone one and was just beginning to walk.

There were a lot of frogs which caused great excitement for the children as you will see with the multiple frog pictures that follow.

After Ds4 managed to get frog wee in his eyes however we decided not to hold any more frogs.  He came up to me screaming that his eye felt like it was on fire.  I didn't immediately clue into the problem but thankfully we had bottles of water in the car nearby and I was able to flush some of it out of his eye.  This didn't stop the burning feeling completely though and so we went back up to the house as quickly as we could and I gave him a shower.  This finally fixed the problem.  

A Scarlet Robin ( Petroica boodang)

Western Yellow Robin ? (Eopsaltria griseogularis)

Red-eared Fire Tail Finch  (Emblema oculata)
There were so many different birds that as bird lovers we were so excited to see.  Dd1 took a survey of them and we were surprised at how many different species we saw.  Our only disappointment was that we didn't have the right camera to photograph them.

At some point one of the children managed to lock their bedroom door on the top floor for which there was no key.  And so Dh had to use his inventiveness to save the day.  Which involved him climbing through the top window you see above.  The below photo's are two of my favourites of him taken after being so adventurous.

Down at Middleton Beach.  It really is lovely there.  

Oops, what's that bin doing there.

Another oops.  Who forgot to clean tomato sauce off that little girls face?

Dawn pictures.  It was so pretty.  Everything went golden.  The pictures just don't capture the beauty at all.

A self portrait.

A picture taken from my uncles house which is on the same property as the place we were staying.  

Now here we see Ds4 just before the frog wee episode.

And here that water that we were so thankful we had.

My grandparents and mother having a meal with us.

These last two shots there appears to be some dirt spot on the lens that we didn't notice.  I think we are at Shelley Beach?  Not sure.

We went all over Albany driving around.  We were going to have fish and chips at our favourite place but it was closed for renovations.  We went op shopping and picked up a few treasures, some cushion covers embroidered with Australian native flowers, a vase with a rose design, some linen tea towels, and a few other items I forget.  No doubt some books.  I never seem to go op shopping without coming away with an armful of books.  
We went to Shelley beach and some other beaches that I remember going to as a child.  We went out to Denmark and ate some moreish home-made yoghurt while we watched the birds swim on Wilson Inlet.  
By the time it came to go home we didn't want to go.  We all decided we wanted to move to Albany after that holiday.  But some choices are not so easy.  We can't wait for our next holiday there and hope to go some time in the next 6 months.  Which will be our first holiday since then. 

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  1. What a lovely holiday!! You are absolutely glowing in these photos, Sharyn, and your husband was extremely adventurous to climb in that top window! I can see why you just wanted to move in... We always go op-shopping on holiday, too! :)