Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Osprey's Eyrie, Mindarie Marina

We went to Mindarie Marina today to look at an Osprey's Eyrie we had heard was there.  
Their eyrie was on top of a tall sculpture which the Ospreys evidently thought just perfect for a nest.  Tall, too tall and difficult to climb for either man or cat, with an equally tall tree (someone's house) nearby, and right next to the ocean.

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

A previous meal on the ground.
At first all we could see was one chick, though a man who had also come to take pictures told us that there were two chicks, but that maybe it had already left the nest.  Then we noticed the mother returning with a fish!

After giving the chick the fish she flew off to a nearby building.

The marina.

Before too long another Osprey returned to the nest.  We think it might have been the second chick given its noises when it returned.

A view out to the ocean.

The mother then flew over the nest to another part of the building.

I wonder what these people think to have an Osprey using their house as a residence?  The Osprey's seem rather... messy.  How wonderful to watch them though.

Throwing rocks into the water.

I took a final picture before we left with sports mode.  I wish I had remembered the sports mode earlier, I was just so excited I forgot about it.  


  1. Great photos, even without sports mode! :) I totally forget the correct settings too, especially when I'm excited. I think it's so neat that the ospreys nested on top of a sculpture.

  2. I think they put the sculpture to very good use :)

  3. WOW! That is exciting - thanks for sharing. We had a Willy Wagtail nest less than a meter off the ground in our apple tree last spring and it was fun to visit every day and see the babies grow, although I was worried about the eagles or Kookaburras stealing the babies. Have you read The Wheel on the School by Miendert de Jong? It is a great read aloud I think you'd all enjoy.

    1. We had a dove nesting in our lemon tree. I was quite surprised because I thought the children playing underneath would scare them off. But they raised at least one chick. It was hidden quite well. We were worried about cats.

      No we haven't read that book. Will have to chase down a copy :)