Wednesday, January 21, 2015

23.1.15 Journal Entry

First up more messy faced baby.  

She's started to hide her face now when I want to take her picture. She's picked up from the older children that it's not the done thing to want your picture taken.
Excepting when she's got something to share.  Below is a picture of a pizza she designed herself.

A messy pizza face :)
She insisted I take the next photo (below).  She wants to remember the moment always she said.

We are making lots of pies lately.  This is a Peach pie.  It's my favourite pie. It reminds me of the pies my grandma used to make when I was a child.   I kept telling the children that I call it the 'queen of pies'.  Apparently I'm the only one who thinks it's the queen of pies, but I'm okay with that ;)

We had a big bush fire near us a week back.  The suburb next to us was on high alert, but we only found this out later that night when googling details of where the fire was, and after a call from a concerned friend (Thank you Di!).  It was very close to my husbands work and the factory had to be shut down for a day or so.  We had chunks of ash falling in our yard that reminded me of when we lived in  Sydney, by Botany Bay, and there had also been a big fire, much further away that had dropped chunks of ash in our yard.  

The leaves on my rose bush have been cut by bees.  

A picture of my sweet little girl before Mass.
I will be preparing Dd5 for her First Holy Communion this year.  She is really eager.  I remember when she was three and we went to Mass somewhere we don't usually go.  She knelt at the altar rail next to me when it was time for communion and opened up her little mouth as if it was the usual thing for her to receive the Eucharist. The priest hesitated for a second and then would have given her her first Holy Communion but for my motioning not to.   We have taught our children to cross their arms on their chest and shoulders and bow their heads for a blessing, and that is what they all usually do when they are old enough, but she didn't this day.  Nor on another day last year when we had a visiting priest at our parish. 
When Dd3 and Ds4 were in the final weeks of preparation for their First Holy Communion last year I had a moment when I wondered if she wasn't ready too.  And so I got her to act out the steps of confession.  When it got to the part for her to make up some 'sins', I said to her you must say what you've done and how many times.  Her reply was, 'not listening to Mama'.  'How many times?' I asked.  'A hundred and a million' she replied. A very truthful assessment lol

A portrait of Ds4

Wearing his Pa's thongs

We will be back to study on Tuesday, Monday being Australia Day.  I have been concentrating on household organisation and turning back to FlyLady for inspiration.  I have used the FlyLady routines for a while now, but have let it slip this past year.  I'm ready to get started with it again though and have been printing up routines for our new house and for chores, and just about anything I can think of that would benefit from having a list.  I know lots of people use gadgets now, but I've given it a go and still prefer paper.  I have revised our learning plans a little bit and am excited to begin next week.  I'm hoping to blog more of what we do this year and would like to include guest posts from the children.

I hope to be regular with my journal posts this year.  It's all too easy to think I'll leave it till such and such a day, and then before you know it weeks have passed.  I really want to record as much as I can for my children to read in the future.  I'm hoping to get around to saving all my posts as pdf's so I have them elsewhere in case the internet gobbles them up.

And finally here is a song I have been listening to today, one of my favourites. 'Reverie' by Debussy
How I'd love to be able to play the piano.  And the violin, I really love the violin too.


  1. Beautiful kids and beautiful pics. I miss those "messy baby" days!

    1. He gets several baths a day sometimes, and makes a terrible mess on the floor... but we love our messy little baby :)

  2. Great photos! I'm so glad you were unharmed by the bush fire.

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure that it would have got us, though we were surprised when the suburb next to us was on high alert. To think someone lit it deliberately :(