Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!

This is the first year we have done something special on the feast of Saint Nicholas.  Shoes were laid out last night, and this morning...

Some people decided that if they put out a big shoe they might get more, but it was not so ;)

Sadly I didn't get any pictures of them finding them.  Oh well, next time.

Breakfast was supposed to be warm cinnamon scrolls and cocoa with marshmallows on top but then we discovered, no eggs!  So it was doughnuts instead.

The next pictures were taken by a few eager photographers this morning.  Their 'best shot's' will follow a portrait I took of them :)

Photo by Ds2

Photo by Ds2

Photo by Dd3

Photo by Ds4
And a last picture by me.  St. Nicholas on a shelf out of the way of harm after our breakfast.


  1. Lots of excitement here today too! We've celebrated for about 11 years now.
    btw where did you get your statue?

    1. Oh good to hear, I hope you had a lovely day :) This will certainly be the beginning of a new tradition for us. I can't imagine them letting me forget it from now on lol. I bought the statue from a local Catholic bookshop. It's by Joseph's Studio.

  2. Lovely! We had chocolate in shoes this morning, too. :) What do you tell your kids about who put the sweets there? We said St Nicholas had helpers...

    1. Hope you and your family had a lovely day too Elisa!

      I didn't tell the little one's who put them there at all, I didn't even think about it (I've been unwell and am still recovering).
      I asked ds6 (3yo) just now and he said, in a whisper, that he thinks ds2 put them there lol
      But that's the good bit about the liturgical year, it comes around again, and each cycle is chance to add another layer to deepen our understanding of things.