Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

This was the last we saw of poor 'Pa' for the rest of the day.  He spent the next three days in bed with what we found out was a throat infection.  Who would have thought such a thing could make you so ill.  We waited for Grandpa and Aunty to arrive before opening presents however by this time Dh was ill in bed.  He is on the mend now.

 All our Christmas presents were second hand except for one 'new' present each.  I managed to find some nice things for good prices.  I do want to start earlier next year though and will get a box to put up in my closet to fill with good items from the second hand stores as I find them throughout the year.  I didn't get around to buying some 'new' (second hand) clothes for Christmas day as I usually do as I just couldn't find anything.  Sometimes you find a lot at the second hand store, sometimes not so much.  This was one of those times that I couldn't find anything at all and so I will have to be more organised for this next time as well.  Finding 7 sets of clothing is no easy feat.

We had a lovely ham for lunch with salad, and home made boiled pudding for dessert with custard.  It was a lovely day, though we were sad not to have 'Pa' well and celebrating with us.  But Christmas is a season and not a day, so we will have to have a special family meal together yet.  Hoping that you all had a blessed Christmas Day!  God bless you!

A very blessed Christmastide to you all!


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    1. A blessed Christmas to you and your family too Erin!

  2. That first picture of all your kids together is terrific!! Yes, it takes a lot of organisation to gather multiple presents/outfits at good prices. I keep a box like you said you are going to do, and it helps so much, but then I forget what's in it! Still learning to be organised here... Have a wonderful Christmas season, and hope your husband is feeling much better by now!

    1. It is quite difficult to get a good shot of everyone isn't it. There's always someone who wants to escape, someone who shuts their eyes, makes a funny face, looks the other way, annoys someone else... I used to take a few pictures and think one will surely be good. Now I take as many as i can get them to keep still for and even then you find yourself wondering if photoshop couldn't help you to fix up at least one pic. But then I think, down the track, we will look back and laugh at all those funny shots.

      As for getting a box, I must write that on my to do list in big letters so I actually do it. I meant to get a box last year, and maybe the year before... I would really like to get a folder done this week to help with organisation. What do you use for organisation?