Monday, December 8, 2014

A Year Ago This Day...

 A year ago this day, I still looked like this. I was starting to wonder if I actually had twins and one was just hiding.  Or, that I might be the first woman, to be pregnant, forever... Actually this picture was taken a few days before the big event.  Sadly when the big day arrived I didn't take too many pictures.  But a pregnant woman can get tired, and forget these things.  Take note family and friends, take pictures for her!

Actually at this moment last year I was only just on my way to the hospital to see if I couldn't convince a little boy to come on out.

Our last picture as 8.  Just imagine I'm in the shot somewhere ;) Oh, just noticing there's no Dd3 either.  Imagine her there too.

And here he is at last.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed!  Our first look at each other.

I just love baby feet. 

A proud dad. 

A blurry photo.  But the only one I have of the first moment he saw his baby brother.  The eldest two had been at a friend's house and when she dropped them back home they came in with their friends and with my 50mm fixed lens I couldn't get back far enough quickly enough to get the shot.

They weren't allowed to hold him until I was ready to take pictures.  So I could capture the 'first hold'.

2 days old.

Who can guess what day of the year this was?

12 days old.  A few days before Christmas.

His first Christmas.

First smile captured on film. 
Two Months

3 months

Looking at his fist.

Baby feet again :)
4 months.

Discovering his feet.

Sitting with support

Having a chat with Father.

First day in the dirt.

First time eating dirt.

A snuggle with Grandpa
First 'mess face'.

10 months old.

First deliberate 'mess face'.  ie. rubbed his food all over his face.


First 'chocolate face'.

First 'day at the opera'.

First day at the beach.

Birthday photo's to follow...


  1. Happy Birthday to your wee one! Can't believe 1 already but then I should, just think we were only a few weeks behind before our little one put in an appearance.

    1. Thank you! I can't believe it either. The year went too fast. I was almost in tears as I put all these photo's together. I meant to put 12, one for each month, but then I couldn't help adding more. I feel so blessed to be a mother!

  2. Happy birthday! So much love for all of you

  3. Just gorgeous, Sharyn!! Such a scrumptious boy. :) :) So many lovely moments, but I do believe "first day in the dirt" is my favourite! :)
    Oh and I always wonder if I have two inside, too...

    1. Thanks Elisa! 'First day in the dirt', that's one of my favorites too. I hadn't gotten around to posting it sooner with all my computer troubles. But it turned out that this was the perfect place to put all those photo's that I've been meaning to post.

      As for twins, I have to laugh at how the kids are always up for twins or more. As if I could put an order in for them too lol.