Tuesday, December 30, 2014

40 Years Ago Today...

I was born in Albany on a hot summer's day.

These photo's are from my baby album.  I haven't done the best job of photographing them, maybe a different lens would help, but they are good enough until I have time to do better.  I will come back and edit with more photo's, like my wedding day etc. when I have some time.

With my Mum.

With my Dad.  'Love that hair Dad' :)

My great-grandma on the right, 'Nana'.  

My Dad's parents right and left.  Grandpa and Grandma.

In my christening dress. 
 I was baptised in Regina Coeli Church, Brentwood, which as of the  17.2.08 when the last Mass was celebrated at 9.30 a.m. (found this date from online research) is sadly no longer a Catholic Church.

My Christening cake.
My Grandmother was very talented at decorating cakes.  I remember seeing little icing flowers she had made, roses and violets.  My Grandmother was a great inspiration to me.  I remember going to Mass with her one time and noticing how ladylike she sat, and I would try to copy her but found it difficult to do for long; knee's together, back straight, hands just so.  I remember seeing her rosary and thinking how pretty it was, it had ornate gold bead caps.  One time while we were staying with her while on holiday she burnt my milk, and I wondered, how could she burn milk?  If you didn't eat your dinner she'd say we'd have to eat it for the next meal, or the next until it was gone.  I told her once that my other grandma would wrap up what we didn't eat into some old newspaper and put it in the bin.  I was made to apologise for that, and indeed I was truly sorry, I hadn't meant to be rude, only to pass on a solution to making me 'eat it all'.  She was stern lady, but I had pause to consider how much she must have cared for me recently when taking my teen 'all over the place' to shop for clothing.  She had done that.  She took me all over Fremantle, and then back to the first shop where the dress I liked best was.  She died of  Leukemia when I was 11.  I have many memories, but I would love to have known her better.  She must have prayed for me.  I thank her for everyone of those prayers.  She played a key part in bringing me home to the Catholic faith which I will be forever indebted to her for.

Two of my uncles, my Grandma, Mum, and Aunty.

Grandma and me at the farm house in Albany.

All of my Grandparents have had a great influence in my life.  I have been blessed in different ways by them all.  I probably spent the most time with my 'Grandma in Albany'.  We've had such good times together.  Camping, shopping, out on the farm.  She loves gardening and it is from her that I have caught a love of gardening.  But we also share a love for stillness, the countryside, the sounds of the songs of the birds, cows lowing, chickens scratching in the orchard.  From her I have learned of the beauty in the ordinary humdrum of life.  Getting up early, working, morning tea, pretty tablecloths, pegging up washing, chopping wood, gentle hands guiding...  

And this is where I'll have to leave it for today, to take up another time.  I have a birthday party to organise, garden to water, people to feed, dishes to wash... ;)

My Aunty and I.


  1. Happy Birthday Sharyn:) xx Love your Dad's hair too!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely post, especially the writeup about your 'stern' grandmother.

  3. Happy Birthday! What precious memories and photographs!

  4. Thank you ladies! I had a lovely day and was made to feel very special. The day after my birthday, feeling a little flat, I said to the children that maybe we could celebrate the octave of my birthday, because I had enjoyed their attention so much, and one of the boys said, 'that's only the liturgical year mum'. ;) lol