Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Feast of Christ the King 2014

I got the idea for this cake from Catholic Cuisine's, A Crown for a Queen cake.  But the boys complained that as it was the cake didn't look kingly and so I drew up a templates of my own instead.  If I can work it out some time I will link my template here.  It was quite fiddly to cut the biscuits out and not something you'd make too often but worked out well.  To get a nice shape use a 'hard type biscuit' recipe rather than a 'cake type biscuit' which will rise and fill in the shapes.  Making them reasonable thin will also produce a harder biscuit.


  1. Beautiful, and very appropriate for the feast day. Wherever did you find a cutter like that?

    1. I made up my own template, which I then cut around to make each biscuit. And didn't they turn out well. The cake on the other hand was a bit of a flop. It was a recipe I haven't cooked for years and it wasn't tall enough to support the biscuits so I had to cut it up to make a tall ring. Didn't look as good overall as it might, but tasted good and looked beautiful from the outside. Will edit the post with a link of where I got the idea from.