All Saint's Day Party 2014

Asleep already as we head off.

Holy cards we drew for the holy card swap

'Devil' pinata's that we used for a game later on.

Procession for Litany of the Saint'

St. Rosine of Wenglingen

Saint Paul

Saint George

Father guessing the 'saint's'

Saint Dominic

Saint Brigid with her chicken!

Saint Rose of Lima

Some cup cakes that I made for afternoon tea.  The beautiful holy cards are from Stella Marigold Art  The children just loved them.

Having fun doing activities.


  1. Beautiful!! and what a vibrant community!

    1. It was a lovely day and they are a wonderful group, I feel very blessed to know them!

  2. Looks like a fun All Saint's celebration. And your photography is amazing. So inspiring to see all the little Saints.

  3. Thanks Emma! I hope it will be a day they remember well :)


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