Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014

  1. Ds3 had a disagreement with the tarmac a few days ago.  He had gone out to ride his bike out front early in the morning, but alas, he hadn't really woken up properly yet. (Reminder to self.  Ask each child before they walk out the door to ride on fast moving objects early in the morning if they are completely awake yet.)  Apparently he forgot where he was briefly and ran into a tree before face-planting the road.  The first thing I heard was Dd2 calling for me saying Ds3 had had an accident.  "Is he okay" I asked.  Silence.  Obviously she knew I would not be thrilled with the answer.  And then he came up the drive blood dripping from his face (ew yuck, don't you just love being a mum sometimes).  Poor fellow had scrapes down his nose, and above his lip, some deeper ones, but thankfully not deep enough to go to the doctors.  Some minor scrapes inside his lower lip too.  He really did bite the dirt.  Lucky really that he didn't smash his teeth out.  Okay, that's enough graphic, yucky stuff for today.  Suffice to know that we have renamed him Rudolph.  I really must do a first aid course (more like degree in nursing).  I have been thinking this for ages but must put it into action.
  2. I enrolled the boys in the Christian Football (soccer) club today.  Photo's had to be taken, poor Ds2 with his scraped face, what a day to have an id picture taken.  I'd like to say I'm excited but at least the boys are excited, right?  Oh for one of our lemon trees to have been an orange.  
  3. Ds4 laughed for the first time (13.2.14).  I had been thinking in the morning, 'this little boy looks ready for a tickle', but it was his eldest sister who called out to me to 'come and look, I made him laugh'.  So we got out the camera and took some video till he would laugh no more.  
  4. We discovered some insect eggs on a baby jumpsuit that was amongst a pile of clothing, in boxes outside, that I'm supposed to be sorting... Anyway, when you looked closely each little egg had the shape of eyes and a smiley mouth on it.  Hilarious.  We put them in a box, and amazingly they hatched the next day.  Little Stinkbugs I'm told.  We are hoping to raise them and watch them go through their numerous moults, but we'll have to see how we go with feeding them.
  5. We planted some beans (science experiment).  Some are in a jar for us to see and some are outside in the ground.  So far no signs of life.  They are 'Giant of Stuggart' that I bought a few years back.  Maybe they are too old. I'm hoping to get a  vege planter soon and to get a vege garden started. Though I will have to hold off on serious bean growing yet as it's not the season.
  6. We got an new A3 printer this week after the old printer stopped working.  I'll be excited to see what wonders we can do with it.  A printer really is a homeschooling must have.
  7. And what we haven't been doing...  We still haven't got a chore routine up and running.  My home currently has piles of clothing everywhere that I'm trying to sort.  This must be done this weekend!  I haven't made much headway on my 2014 goals yet.  I feel if I could just sort out this clothing we might be able to get some things done.
  8. We have been watching the Olympics a bit.  Mainly Snowboarding.  We watched Curling for the first time.   I'm afraid I found it terribly funny.  Even now thinking about it gets me laughing.  What an interesting sport.  Men with brooms scratching frantically and very seriously.  Not something you see everyday. 
  9. We have had a Grey Butcher Bird singing in a tree near us this week.  We have really been enjoying the wide variety of birds we see at our new place.
  10. A bible quote I'm thinking on this week: 'Now we know that for those who love God all things work together unto good' (Rom 8:28)
    One of our roses in bloom for the first time in ages.  Fertiliser, I have discovered, is very necessary.

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  1. Son's accident sounds nasty!
    Just tagged you:) Hope you can play, if too busy don't stress