Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lemon Olympics

Yesterday in the spirit of preparation for the winter Olympics we held our own olympics.

We have four lemon trees.  Lot's of lemons.  What to do with all those lemons?  Besides making gallons of lemonade that is.  Sport of course!

Toss the lemon in the basket.  Here we have a successful throw.

Did you see that mum!
Get out the way will ya! It's my turn.

 There were several events.  'Throw the lemon into the basket',  'toss the lemon into the bucket', and 'lemon tennis', but by far the favorite of the day was, 'knock the bucket full of water over'.  Alas we broke the nappy bucket in our enthusiasm.

We are all looking forward to watching the winter Olympics.  It is one of the few times you can watch telly at ridiculous hours in this house, the summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup being the others.  Last night the eldest two stayed up to watch the opening ceremony while the rest of us couldn't keep up with them and slept. We hope to watch the repeat of it today.

We were dazzled by the figure skating pairs last night.  What courage those ladies must have to be tossed up into the air so.  Dd3 said she wants to do it too, be an ice ballerina.  The others all want to move somewhere snowy so they can become snow boarders.


  1. Lemon curd? Or freeze them whole for things like lemon muffins if you have some sort of food processor.

    1. You mean something practical? lol Actually we have been thinking of making lemon curd as it is a favorite.