Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 11th birthday Ds2!

11 years ago a sweet baby boy came into our lives, changing it forever.  I remember when he was 18 months old, his elder sister had dropped her half of a banana on the floor, and he handed over his half to her without a second thought.  That's Ds2 for you.

He always wants others birthdays to be special too.  If I haven't quite gotten around to some detail before someones birthday, he'll be there the night before making it all right.

Happy birthday to you my son!  I hope you love your new bmx bike.  God bless You!

Just about to ride his bike for the first time.

And he's off down the street.

When he puts on these glasses...
 Let me tell you a story about this little man.  We have a steep driveway and usually the roller-door is shut, however he saw his moment while we were distracted watching his brother on his new bmx.  He got on his trike at the top of the driveway, put on his glasses, then away he went, big smiles on his face. I could almost see him saying 'to infinity and beyond!'.   Luckily I was able to block his progress before he built up too much speed.

Down at the BMX track, at the park across from our house.

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