Monday, October 7, 2013

Birth story of DS2

On my birthday (about a week before Ds2 was born) I had contractions which lasted from about 5pm until I went to sleep.

Then on the 8th of January, Ds2's due date, early in the morning about 3am contractions started.  I was able to keep sleeping until 5am but it was a light sleep because the contractions were regular and firm.  I got up at 5am as I finally just couldn't sleep anymore.  I went to the toilet and had a show, so I knew it was definitely labour.  I tried to convince Dh that he might want to start getting ready but he seemed to feel he had time based upon how long my labour had been with Dd1.  I wasn't in much pain which did little to help my case.

I went and had a shower to be nice and fresh and ready for the birth.  Got my bags ready.  Finally Dh started to realise he might want to get ready, he said to ask the midwife what to do.

I called (7am) and was surprised yet happy to hear that she thought I aught come in.  I called my sisters so they could come and mind Dd1, they weren't far away, we were in Brentwood and they in Mount Pleasant, just one suburb away.  They arrived a 7.30am.

Just before they arrived the contractions started to get harder, I started breathing through them, getting down on my hands and knees.  Dd1 was amused at my 'funny game', she got down on her hands and knees and looked at me as if to say 'what next'?

As we left I was able to smile and wave goodbye to Dd1.  Everything was going fine as we drove to the hospital in Subiaco, until we got to Subiaco! (At about 8am)  My contractions suddenly were double peaked!

We parked across the road from the hospital entrance.  I got out the car and thought to wait until the contractions stopped to cross the road, but they just weren't stopping so I realised I just had to get moving.  I walked into the hospital and we waited a little while as I was registered (something we forgot to do with Dd1).

I was given a wheelchair to go to the labour ward.  We got to the right floor but as we were panicking a little we couldn't remember where to go next.  There was another couple (not looking to be in labour) on the way to the labour ward who helped us out.

We got to the midwives reception, but they weren't sparked into action over my contractions.  I asked for a bag to be sick into, and was.  That was the first warning (that the birth was immanent), but we didn't yet realise.

I was taken to a room where they were to do an internal to check what stage I was at.  First I had to do a urine sample.  I remember sitting on the toilet and thinking 'why am I doing this'? (giving a sample), it just seemed to be the wrong thing to be doing, and I couldn't remember why it was necessary.  Yet I did it, put it on the table, or gave it to Dh, I'm not really sure.

I got onto a chair in the room, knelt on it resting my hands on the chairs back.  I remembered what I'd read in Sheila Kitzinger's book on birth ( and relaxed all my muscles) and it felt as if my waters might burst and so I relaxed my pelvic floor muscles, and even so was surprised when they did burst (everywhere).  The midwife was busy doing something else in the room.  Dh asked if I had gone to the toilet again, I thought that was silly to say as I had just been to the toilet and the liquid was clear.  Even the midwife needed prompting into action.  The pushing noises I had started to make helped with that.

I was put into a wheel chair and moved into a labour room.  It was awful, every bump on the way there was terribly terribly uncomfortable.  I needed coaxing out of the chair when we got there.  I wasn't really in the mood for moving.

I got up on the bed and tried to lay on my left side as I'd read this was a good position to push and help prevent tears.  Unlike with Dd1 where I was in so much pain, and for a longer period, my natural painkillers hadn't kicked in and so everything was more painful because I could really feel it (I think what I'm trying to say here is not that it was more painful, it wasn't anywhere close, but that I could feel what was happening very clearly because I was in a very aware state unlike with Dd1).

I spoke to Dh as the midwives (2) prepared for Ds2's birth saying 'get them to read my birth preferences' but it was all too late, there was no time, Ds2 was ready to be born.  As no one knew what I wanted nobody supported my right leg.  The midwife grabbed it and planted it on the bed so that I was no longer really on my side, but sort of half on my side and half on my back.  In spite of this I was able to push really well.

Dd1 had been like trying to push a truck up a hill.  With Ds2 I felt totally in control.  After only a few pushes Ds2 was born (8.20am).  Dh and I were shocked!  We had thought the whole process would have taken at least  a few more hours.  It had been all too easy!  Just 15 minutes in hospital!  Only 4 minutes from when my waters broke until the birth.  And there he was at last, our darling little boy!  With his hair like he just had it cut and shaped into a trendy cut for the occasion.  He started feeding straight away.

We called my sisters and they complained 'but you only just left!'.  Dh was able to go home and pick up Dd1 so that one sister was even able to go back to work at lunchtime!

I have lots of happy memories that surround Ds2's birth.  I was so happy living in Brentwood.  it was wonderful to live near the river and in the area I had known since a little girl, the area being where my Grandpa and Grandma had lived.  It was a special time.

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