Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birth story of DD3

Saturday, 2nd October
I had contractions all day long, but as we were busy all day it wasn't until about 7pm that I started to time them.  They were coming every 5-10 minutes and lasting 1 minute, sometimes with another smaller one following.  We decided to call the hospital to see what the midwife recommended.  She said that based on Ds2's quick birth it would be a good idea to come in.  So we called my mum and she arrived soon and off we went.  But even on the trip to the hospital I started to loose confidence as the contractions were now only every ten minutes apart.

We were at the hospital only 2 hours before deciding to go home.  After an examination I was found to be only 1cm dilated, and the contractions were quickly becoming less.  It was very disappointing and I felt very foolish.

Thursday, 7th October

I had 8 hours of contractions coming about every 10 minutes.  They were stronger than on Saturday but I kept it to myself and decided to sleep on it.  I figured if it was the time then I would be woken by stronger contractions, however they disappeared over-night.

Tuesday, 12th October

Dd3 is born at last! For two days I had been going to the toilet constantly and had crampy, heavy sensations down low.  Around 8am I noticed the strongest contractions I'd been having yet coming every 10 minutes and lasting 30-45 seconds.  A friend rang around 8.30am and I was full of energy to talk.  She thought it could be it, but I wasn't sure.  I contemplated ringing other people because I seemed to need to talk, but there weren't any people available that I could think of.  By an hour later I was no longer feeling like talking to anyone.  The contractions were stronger by lunch but as there had been no show or other symptoms I was hesitant to let anyone know. (I think I had been told by the midwife after the 'false labour' at the hospital to wait for a show) I decided to see how the contractions went if I had a nap.

I managed a two hour nap until 2.30pm and during this time contractions became irregular coming every 1/2 hour or so.  A short while after getting up I was having irregular contractions again and so I decided to spend as much time as possible with bottom in the air and head resting on Dd1's bean-bag chair to try to encourage the baby into a position where her back was to my tummy.  The time I had gone into hospital I had been advised that I should do plenty of this as her being in a position with her back to my hip was setting off contractions.

For a while it seemed to be working.  No further contractions.  But then after 20 minutes I started having contractions that I needed to breath through.  During one particular strong contraction Ds2 sat on my back and pretended to ride the 'lion' as he did with his Papa.  It was strong enough that I couldn't move so I couldn't get him off until it finished.

At this point I was feeling confused.  No show, which I was told to wait for and although painful, no regular contractions.  I decided it was definitely the start of labour but couldn't decide if it was to be another 2 hours or 10.

So I called the hospital and the midwife said to call Dh and my sister (the babysitter) and give her a call when they arrived.  I did this , it was about 3.45pm and Dh was due to finish at 4pm but his work-mate hoped to take the next 2 days off if Dh was working so I thought it best that they know he wouldn't be.

So they both arrived.  My sister wasn't very convinced, nor was the midwife when I called back.  I said I wanted to come in and she said I could but if I was wrong they would just send me home again.  Well that was a chance I was willing to take.

I felt that it was time to go anyway even though there weren't all the signs I had thought to wait for to prevent a repeat of the previous false alarm.  Off we went.  In peak hour traffic.  I felt calm and as if we didn't need to rush but Dh was a little less patient with the traffic.

As we came close to Subiaco the contractions started to come every 5 minutes.  It was a relief to see the hospital and to know I wouldn't be having a car birth en route.  This time we managed to find a car park right out front.  We sat in the reception and I was happy enough to wait until all my papers were ready, declining a wheelchair to go up to the delivery suites (well I didn't need one).

When we arrived the midwife took me to an observation room and was found to be 5-6cm's dilated which was a great relief because it meant things were going to happen but even better I had come so far with not much pain.  Still I thought it could be a little while off yet and apparently so did the midwife because although she still had a few hours left of her shift she handed me onto another midwife.  Which I was glad of because the other midwife was really nice, giving me the confidence to do as I hoped.

So we went to a birthing suite and the midwife and a trainee midwife chatted with  Dh and I as they looked through my file.  I joked with them about a few things.  I sat on a birthing ball to the side of the bed and it was rather soft so instead of speeding things up as I hoped it might the contractions seemed to be less painful.  So to get things going again I decided to stand up.  I moved toward the end of the bed and was immediately faced with lots of pain and the need to push.  My waters broke and the midwives sprung into action getting ready for the birth.  This shocked me and I didn't realise what was happening at first but from the first push to the birth was only 4 minutes.  And I had given birth standing up.  Something I had never contemplated myself actually being able to do.  There she was laying on the mat on the floor, my beautiful baby girl.  They brought her up onto the bed in front of me and I stroked her little body to comfort her as she cried, as I was stuck where I was for the moment.  She had such a full head of beautiful black hair and the sweetest little nose.

 The grazes all over her face are from a fast birth apparently.  A few of my babies have had red faces like this.

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