Thursday, July 11, 2013

A bird in the hand...

For months now Dd1 has been feeding some Willie Wagtails that visit our house.  She feeds them small insects that she collects from bushes, behind down-pipes, under rocks, and various other likely spots.  These are kept in jars until the Willie Wagtails appear.  She started by tossing them the insects.  They would sweep down and snatch them up.  Before long they actually started coming up to the window to let us know they had arrived, and were waiting for a meal.

Last week Ds2 offered food in his hand and one little fellow was brave enough to perch on his hand for a full 20 seconds, so I am told, to eat its share of insects.

This morning when one little chappy appeared near the laundry door Dd1 saw her chance to see if she could also have a Willie Wagtail land on her hand.   And he was very obliging.  Perhaps the drizzling rain encouraged him to stay in our company.  He waited patiently and fearlessly as Dd1 went off to find insect food, and I knelt near the laundry door taking pictures.  The top picture I was able to take with my lens about 50cms from the little bird.
Taking a picture of him landing on Dd1's hand was difficult in the low light, but here is my best shot.

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