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Lent - Easter 2017 - Our Home Oratory

I hadn't planned on sharing our home oratory this Lent/Easter.  With a four month old baby and preparing to move (in July but have started putting things in boxes) I have been busy.  But each year brings different things that we do, even if only slightly, and so I changed my mind and decided to take pictures because I want to remember each precious year.

Good Friday 
Our Stations of the Cross candle holders from previous years got broken in our move.  I had planned to create a new set but then we got sick on Spy Wednesday and that was the end of that.  So I cut out the pictures that I had planned to glue onto board and just placed them as you see.  The tea light candles I sent Dh out for last thing on the Thursday.  

I had been at the worst of my illness the night before Good Friday and had a sore throat and a cough but was able to lead the Stations and sing.  When we got to the 12th Station and announced the death of Christ a pigeon solemnly cooed to mark the moment.

Several mor…

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