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An Unexpected Holiday

We had a pleasant surprise a few weeks back of an unexpected holiday to my hometown of Albany(Map), Western Australia.  My sister-in-law from Jakarta was finally able to arrange her holiday here.  She had told us of several possible dates when she might come.  The first had past and the second was days away and so didn't look too likely (She was waiting for her visa to be approved.  Australia is very strict on who can come into the country from Indonesia).  But then a message came, she would be coming in those few days after all.  
My mum just happened to be in Perth after returning from a holiday way up north and was going back to her home in Albany, which would coincide with my sil's arriving.  And before we knew it a holiday was planned.  Everything just fell into place, even Dh getting holiday leave approved with less than a weeks notice to his work!!  And off we went.  
(The day before we left the girls and I were attacked at our local petrol station.  Our suburb is not a…

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